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Rasmus 16 and Max 14 are both thriving in High School.  Having been in Montessori, Florida Virtual School and then YWLC, it was a bit nerve wracking throwing them into the public system.

It’s been a little over a month since they started and both currently have straight A’s in all classes.  I would say that YWLC gave them an extremely strong sense of self, which has allowed them to be very certain in what they want, and also what they don’t.

Academically the lessons learned at YWLC did a great job in preparing them for HS.  The in depth lessons on subjects such as essay writing, allowed Max to be very confident in his first go round in AP Language Arts, receiving an A for his work.  Rasmus is finding out that Math is not nearly as hard as he expected and is actually enjoying the subject, which is the first time in his life.  In fact, I would say that they are both a grade ahead on vocabulary, comprehension, and understanding how to do the work necessary to achieve success.

Socially it was and continues to be a little for them to fit into groups of kids who have basically been together since grade school.  That being said, their self confidence and strong communication skills which were encouraged via YWLC has classmates intrigued, and both are starting to break into cliques attracting classmates of like minds.  After the first week, I realized that integration into culture was going to be just fine.

I would suggest that if any parents are looking to keep their options open, they follow a curriculum that mirrors the public system, by staying up on core classes required.  Rasmus is kicking himself for not attending High School sooner as he’s finding out he needs to take some classes to play catch up.  Other than that, I can say that YWLC did a great job preparing them both in education and in life skills.

Both are very thankful, almost weekly, for their experience at YWLC and attribute a lot of their knowledge to the experience.

Thank you again for everything Judith

Jason President - U.S. Recruiting Inc.

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