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My son Wyatt, was public schooled k-7 but when I discovered just how ill suited the public school system was to be able to keep up with his fast paced academics, I started looking for alternatives and private school was simply not in the budget. After two years here at Yellow Wood, he is happy and working at an accelerated pace, he is not bored, and he is HAPPY to go to "school" !

We plan on continuing here for the rest of his compulsory school years and I feel like if everyone fully understood this model of education everyone would be doing it. He is able to advance as quickly as he needs and yet can have one on one attention for any areas that he needs support in.

There is an incredible support system between other students, facilitators, and the director. I find that my son's education is so much more interactive with the world around him now as if the lessons learned are put to test in the world daily and not on a bubble test sheet. Thank you Yellow Wood.

Amber Happy Parent!

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