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Judith Hurst
Our Fearless Leader

Judith holds a BA in Literature and an MA in Educational Psychology and proudly proclaims herself to be the ultimate life-long learner. She is an experienced Florida Certified Teacher as well as being a National Board Certified Educator (in English). As founder and director of Yellow Wood, her responsibilities are varied, but none as enjoyable as her first passion–teaching. Judith facilitates classes in Creative Writing, History, Literature and Psychology. (Students wishing to take the Advanced Placement exams in English Literature are eligible). “If I could spend more time teaching, I would. I love it!”judith 2

After enough years working within the traditional school model, and having watched her own daughter struggle to conform in the Broward public school system, she knew young people needed another option for pursuing education. A way to learn without the pressured, competitive system. Both Judith and her daughter had non-traditional educational paths–Judith left school at 16  years old, with her advanced degrees coming many years later, and her daughter did a mix of some school, some home school, and some community college during high school. Her grown daughter is currently living and thriving in Maine.