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Fernando Campos

Fernando was born in Brooklyn NY, but raised in South Florida. He started working in entertainment at fifteen and learned various practices and skills involved with the business. Referred to at times as a Jack of all Trades (he break dances, does acrobatics, performs magic, delivers Spoken Word, plays many instruments and is a master improv actor and voice over artist), we prefer to call him a Master of Many Trades!

At twenty-one he began touring the US and eventually traveled overseas to perform in Europe. Ultimately, he chose to return to South Florida to help the up and coming generation, which has become the focus of his career as he continues his education in the field of Psychology and Counseling. He is currently a Master’s practicum student at Nova Southeastern University in Psychology and Family Therapy.

Fernando is excited to work as Mentor/Big Brother and teach as a facilitator for Band Class and is looking forward to putting his various interest on the menu at Yellow Wood.