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Our Mentoring Program

IMG_2655Research confirms that quality mentoring relationships have powerful positive effects on young people in a variety of personal, academic, and professional situations. Ultimately, mentoring connects a young person to personal growth and development, and social and economic opportunity.”

At Yellow Wood, every teen meets privately once a week for mentoring support. 

Writing Coaching


Writing is extremely important at Yellow Wood. Effective communication is a valued skill. Students learn how to write and to speak their views using non-combative, civil discourse. Writing class is required as is the weekly coaching sessions with our Writing Coach, Connie Crawford.

Math Tutoring and Support                                                                                                                                

Lee WellsMath compass spent twenty years as a high school Math teacher before leaving the public school system to build his freelance business. Lee works every week with each student, assigning challenges according to each learner’s abilities. He also reviews any problems students may have had from their Math work during the week, and then students and families are emailed personalized Math notes after each session. Lee is driven to ensure learners understand the “why?” in Math!



photoHigh School can sometimes be four years of preparing for college, when students eventually get to do what they love studying about. At Yellow Wood we actively encourage teenagers to engage in real life experiences at any age. We can connect teenagers to community partners if they want, where they can learn through internships, apprenticeships, or part time work.  Last year a student spent one day a week with a professional film studio, learning all aspects of the business first hand–including working on a Flo Rider video shoot on South Beach, Miami. Another student currently leaves early twice a week to volunteer at a stable where she learns to ride and study all things equine related! (She is also taking a college class online to certify in Equine Care).


Start Your Own…

Budding environmentalist planting their own gardens. Have an idea for a business or a solution to a community problem?
Let’s do it! We want to foster and assist budding “solutionaries,” to quote Zoe Weil