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What Does a Day at Yellow Wood Look Like?

  • 9:00 am ~ Students  arrive and begin each day with some time to socialize before class.
  • 9:15am ~ 12:15: Students attend classes according to their schedules. The usual suspects: Math, Writing, Literature, private tutoring, but so much more… (Yellow Wood’s schedule is set each term; students, along with their families, choose which courses and classes to take).

Lunch is 12:15 to 1:00: Teens are free to enjoy lunch and socializing wherever they choose–please note: we do not monitor or restrict students’ movements.

  • 1:00 ~ 4:00 Afternoon classes resume, but also the option to collaborate on community-based projects, or to work independently on individual interests.

How Will Teens Show They Are Learning?
In order to show mastery of a subject, we ask students to show us their discoveries in whatever way they feel confident.  This might be in a research paper or an iMovie, accompanying their findings with self-reflection on how they feel they worked, discovered, collaborated or grew. At Yellow Wood we value critical thinking skills, problem solving, and humane education above rote knowledge. We also offer the usual annual tests (SAT, Iowa, state tests) if requested.

What About College?
Some parents think of the student-centered Montessori approach as being all very well in theory, but not “serious enough” when it comes to getting into college. Truth is, if a student wants to get an edge on the competition, this approach can be ideal.

Colleges understand all about grade inflation and what it really means to be in “Honors” classes. They want to see evidence of real intellectual capability, passion, and independent critical thinking. Non-traditionally educated applicants are free of curricular restraints, often score above the traditionally educated students on the SAT, and offer a wealth of evidence of passion and independent thinking. A very hard to accept truth is that a high school diploma is actually not a requirement for college admission. Non traditionally-educated students are in high demand at top colleges.

“Often we’re impressed by what someone has done under unusual circumstances,” says Marlyn McGrath Lewis, director of admissions at Harvard University.” Full text.


Yellow Wood students can take community college classes at 16, start their own businesses or philanthropic projects, score well on the SAT (thanks to our tutoring program) and write an application glowing with originality. We also find internship placements for youth who feel ready and driven to gain experience of a field of their choice.


Yellow Wood Stands On The Shoulders of Giants


Read About The History of the MET Schools in Rhode Island

This model of education has been thriving all over the country with great success for many years. Broward County can offer this option to our teenagers too!

  •  Since 1968: Clonlara in Michigan
  •  Since 1996: North Star Teens in Massachusetts – read more
  • Since 1996: MET Schools in Rhode Island – read more
  •  And many others all over the United States, Canada, and Europe including Perduco, Princeton Learning Cooperative, Arts and Parts and others.