About Yellow Wood

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Welcome!  Looking for a happier Middle and High School experience? Read on, but if you are looking for information about our joyful, arts-based learning for children aged 5-10, click here.

Yellow Wood is an educational community designed for learners aged 11 to 18 who would like to pursue their studies in a less  traditional school environment. You could say we are the ultimate Montessori-philosophy School, although we are neither strictly Montessori, nor are we an independent school.

What we are is educational innovation–not the old model of mandated classes or required scores. We do not confer grades, diplomas or class rankings. Most classes have little to go homework. As well as the usual activities and classes you would see at many schools, we offer one to one mentoring, as well as private individualized Math and Writing tutoring.

We are open Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm  to learn, inspire, study, play, tutor, support, mentor, explore, discuss and laugh!

We are located just off I-95 and Oakland Park Boulevard, on a site with nearly four acres of beautiful, private Florida nature! Classrooms, full kitchen, library, large patio–lots of gorgeous room to learn, explore, relax, and to enjoy being outside.

Campus 4

One of our learning spaces

Campus 1

We are LGBTQ welcoming

Our teens can devote themselves to the subjects that fascinate and engage them, and our small learning community allows us to promote  individual growth and exploration.

We are a great option for students who haven’t been happy in the school system, whether because of the limits on pursuing their passion, the test-oriented culture, the cliques, or the stigma of being too smart or too different.

We are also the perfect alternative for parents who want to take their teen out of school (for whatever reason) but who do not have the time to teach, worry that their child will be isolated, or are concerned about preparing their teen for college admissions.

Call Judith at (954) 253 9563 to set up a time to drop by and meet us or to learn more about alternative education options for your child in Broward County.



Yellow Wood is right for your child if:

  • They are bored by schoolworkWe Believe
  • They yearn for more freedom!
  • They want to have their opinions heard
  • They wish to have more control over their choices of studies
  • They feel as if exams are often meaningless
  • They wish they could speed up or slow down their studies
  • They feel school is stifling their creativity
  • They feel socially out of place at school
  • They have been bullied
  • They resent the structure and rules of school
  • They wish they could have uninterrupted time to focus on what you love to do